Monday, 24 September 2012

Rocking "the surgery shirts"...

The first week after my surgery, I could only wear button downs because it hurt too much to wear anything else... (in case you did not notice, I was kind of gone for about a month, it was no big deal and  all is well...) 

I did miss my BohoLovers - a lot (and thank you so much for still reading when there was so little update! You guys make my day every day!). I missed blogging.  In the haste of everything, I forgot my camera cable, and my computer and that was basically that. I can honestly say though, that through the nerve wrack inventing cool outfits daily really did keep me sane. That was my go to activity to forget everything: shop and make up outfits with button down shirts :p So even though I was all stitched up, I don't think anyone could really tell ;)

Zara button down shirt, American Eagle skirt

Casa de Oro turquoise ring, Cartier trinity ring (gift from an old is still cool so why not?!)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Second Chances & a Little More Edge...

American Eagle shirt & those lace pants from Urban Outfitters, view from my parents dining room <3

newly redone balayage by my genius friend Jesus...

lace + a peter pan velvet collar = perfection