Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Sandwich for Jennie...

A friend asked me today what I thought about Sandwich (this is a link).  I am truly honored that someone actually cares enough to ask my opinion on anything fashion related. I promised I would analyze the collection and get back to her.

First of all let me say that I embrace all fashion styles.  Your clothes are an extension of your personality and I usually tend to gravitate toward very colorful personalities. Personalities that I find more interesting than myself (my best of friends are all artists and writers). Based on these same premises, I always love to see someone dressing grungy, or punk, or anything that is not like me for that matter.  In my opinion the more forward you are the better, and some of my favorite fashion inspirations are vintage Tavi Gevinson, Arabelle Sicardi(both fashion bloggers), or any harajuku girl. 

I feel the same way about designers. The ones that blow me away the most are the ones that are able to create the most different pieces.  I also believe the world sees it this way too (i.e. there is a reason why the some designers have made it "big"). For example:

 Rei Kawabuko for Comme de Garcons


   Georgina Chapman for Marchesa

That being said, though I did not find Sandwich's collection to be as creative as Comme de Garcons or Marchesa, I cannot say it is either "good" or "bad".  Sandwich's designs are an extension of its designer HenriĆ«tte Daniels, and therefore it is beautiful in its own right. Designing is an art, and there is something for everyone.

Looking at it sort of reminded me of MEXX which is also a brand from the Netherlands. They do have some cute pieces and I am sure you can come up with some interesting outfits if you mix and match them. The only criticism I do have is that they could use a better name. No one wants to wear a Sandwich?! :p

Let me just reiterate that I am by no means a fashion a expert, nor claim to be. This is just my hobby and my humble opinion. 

Stay Fashionable... XOXO

Monday, 27 February 2012

Amazing Grace...

Grace Coddington
American Vogues Creative Director

I admit it, I did not know who Grace Coddington was until I watched "The September Issue" (which has been at least 19 times). Anyway, if you did watch "The September Issue" I am sure you too fell in love with her and as me, know that Grace is the beauty behind American Vogue. It should also be noted that American Vogue is the least artistic of all Vogues. It has too many ads, and celebrities, and is not so much about "the fashion" as is Vogue Paris or Vogue Nippon. Without Grace's spreads Anna Wintour would have a really boring magazine to edit. Is it extreme to say these spreads are the only good thing about the American Vogue? At least it is fair to say they are the BEST thing...

left: Grace Coddington, right: Anna Wintour

Spreads by Grace... Fashion IS art...

“You must keep your eyes open…  Everything you see is a source of inspiration."

- Grace Coddington

Grace used to be a model and "graced" the cover of Vogue herself on more than one occasion:

She modeled from the age of 17 to 26 at which time she lost her eye lid in a car accident.

After her accident, she worked as a photo editor for Vogue U.K. for 19 years. She then moved to U.S. and worked for Calvin Klein until 1988 when she joined Anna Wintour.

<3 GRACE <3

Lola Leon knows best...

"I wore a pair of jeans once, and they weren't as skinny as I usually wear them, and she was like, 'Oh my God, Dad, those pants are ugly.  Please change your pants.' " 
"They were too bootcut, so I changed."

- Carlos Leon

I have met so many boys who are terrified of wearing skinny/tapered jeans.  I don't get it, in my opinion tapered is almost always better. Whether you are wearing a leather jacket and combat boots, or the Russell Brand look with the skinnys and the booties with a heal, or the Pete Wentz look of skinnys and a cool pair of kicks or even a more formal look with a blazer, the tapered leg most often than not looks more put together and definitely cooler...

Even our male fashionista Salva told me the other day he was only recently convinced to buy a tapered pair of jeans (I found that quite shocking!)...I was pretty sure I had spotted Salva wearing some rocker outfit with skinny jeans a while back... 

Here are some cool dudes in different styles that look awesome with a tapered leg:

Carlos Leon
Even Lola knows this, and she's only 15.

Russel Brand
I love his "skin tight jeans"

Some Model Dude
This is a creative outfit and the jeans look great.

The Blogger boyfriend is extremely classic. He was the last person I thought I could convince to buy a pair of tapered jeans (he was also the last person I thought would pose for this blog). I decided to a do a little project with his regular jeans, and the jeans I forced him to buy in December... You be the judge of what looks best:

Look #1: Not a tapered leg...

Look #2: Tapered leg 
so much hotter with a tapered leg!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Practicing what we preach with a playlist ...

...Featuring Salva :)

**push play to rock on**

Sticking to the theme of mixing and "mismatching", I gave Salva and myself an assignment for today's outfit. Because we need to practice what we preach, the assignment consisted of not only mixing and matching textures, patterns, colors etc... we also needed to mix casual and formal wear.

I don't like to wear pants much, but I have decided the reason is probably because the ones I have are all extremely boring, so I have just ordered some really fun ones for some awesome spring outfits (think polka dots and flowers). 

   What I wore:

leather jacket & jean shirt: Zara, Skirt: BCBG, that Louis Vuitton  purse everyone has

What Salva Wore:

tuxedo blazer:  Hugo Boss, jean jacket: vintage Levis, pants: WE, Hippie pendants on gold chain courtesy of his mother (wooden owl, Gold rabbit´s leg and pendant of the Argentinian national rock "Rodocrosita") ** LOVES,  sequined scarf: H&M, striped tee: Zara, pink converse...

 Salva's Hippie Pendants

This was a fun assignment. I will try and come up with more of these. Like try our best Vivienne Westwood inspired outfit... What do you think Salva?! :)

1. Piece of My heart - Janice Joplin
2. All These Things That I've Done - The Killers
3. Black Betty - Lynard Skynard
4. Talk Show Host - Radiohead
5. Universally Speaking - Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
7. Miss Nothing - The Pretty reckless
8. Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand


** This playlist goes out to my friend Feach, who taught me all about Ferdinand V, not to be confused with Franz Ferdinand the band :p

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

That Mother Chucker... and his bow tie...

...Featuring Salva & Giuls :)

I have been getting quite a few requests to do some men-style posts...I had the idea of getting some male friends to assist me since these clothes would look better on them :p Hopefully this can turn into a regular segment of my blog and Salva & Giuls can show us their fashionable take on something I am posting about...

This post is on the bow tie... and how to rock it.

A bow tie is not only something you can wear with a tux. You can look casually elegant and fashionable at any occasion just like Chuck Bass:

One important thing we can learn from Chuck is to mismatch. As with female fashion and interior design, the key to looking perfectly in sync is to not match at all. You will never be able to achieve "that sophisticated" look with anything that looks too "matchy, matchy". My advise is to start by mixing different fabrics first (velvet looks good everywhere), then you can upgrade to trying  different tones of the same hue, and if you're feeling really proactive you can mix different patterns. Once you have mastered all three you can mix colors, fabrics and patterns. Trust on me this. It looks great.

With the bow tie in mind I picked Giuls because his wardrobe is Chucks reincarnated (if that makes any sense at all). I have seen Giuls wearing a bow tie to the office, to day events, to night events, and he always mixes and matches perfectly.  His style is a little more defined, as he dresses pretty casual-chic and always sophisticated.

I chose Salva because he has extremely good taste and I saw a picture of him rocking a bow tie (for a day event I recon) and he looked fabulous. Salva I believe, is a little more versatile in his style. I think we might be able to get some grungy outfits from him as well. I have asked him to send me pics of whenever he feels he did a good a job at putting something together. So stay tuned...

I had originally asked both boys to send me pictures of an outfit they put together specifically for this post.  However, I  decided to put pictures of Giuls I already had because this is him being him. These are pictures I took of him at two different events (a day one and a night one). We will ask him to pose on another occasion...

Giuls here, is wearing a purple polka dot bowtie, with a white and blue plaid shirt, a navy blue vneck vest and a black jacket.  VERY mismtachy,
however this could not blend together any better.. looks GREAT.

Velvet Bow Tie! So cute Giuls... Navy Blue Velvet bow tie, Light blue shirt, tanned v neck sweater and a jacket with what appears to be a little Burberry pocket square... Also, take note, he is rocking this with jeans! He probably just threw this on in the most effortless of ways too.. :)
I asked Salva to give me his take on the bow tie...Is that ever a question I do not regret asking (SWOON):

Jesus H boy... this is perfection. This is the mismatch effect mastered... textures, colors and patterns! SO HOTT!

Thank you Salva and Giuls for letting me post your pictures and for having such fabulous taste and a wardrobe that you can share on here with me :) We look forward to seeing more of what you got!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Dear Jason Wu, you can run but you can't hide...

I have decided to take a break from posting about Fashion-week as I feel the need to discuss some other "seriously important" topics (such as why you should wear skinny jeans instead of any other kind). I WILL have to post about Paris Fashion week however, because anyone who is anyone is presenting. Obviously the collections are pure visual delight and your eyes will thank me for it (this will happen sometime next week)... So today will be my last post about Fashion Week until then.

Yesterday I asked the "blogger boyfriend" to take me to the U.S. because I HAD to go to Target and see if there was anything left of Jason Wu's collection.... When I got there, they told me that "This Target is not big enough to carry that line. If you drive just an hour an a half down that way you can find the other Target"... This was extremely depressing, so I hung me head low and walked my little well dressed tooshy down to Panera Bread for a "U Pick 2" and a bear claw... 

The problem is when something becomes so impossible to obtain, I can't help but want it more, so next weekend I will have to try again and see if I can convince everyone to go on an even longer road-trip with me (seriously people, I clearly live in a dust bowl... It should not be this complicated to get a skirt). 

This is what I wore:

Coat: Benetton

Skirt: Club Monaco, shirt: Banana republic, cardigan, J Crew.

Details: big dots, little dots and some red cable knit...

Todays "bestest" for Fashion Week

Ozwald Boateng, because he was the first tailor to stage a catwalk show in Paris. He designs the most debonair and "coolest" suits on Savile Row, London (a street where the "creme de la creme" of all tailors are located - also known as the "golden mile of tailoring"). Also because "the blogger boyfriend" loves him, and it was actually him who taught me about Boateng a few years back! His theme this season was Safari. 

Bally. Even though I do not find Bally particularly creative I do associate them with uttermost elegance. Also, they hold a dear place in my heart because my father only wears Bally shoes  (he always buys the same pair and asks my mother "How do you like these shoes I just bought?") <3...


Roksanda Ilincic  had some interesting pieces...

And the best of the day will be Meadham Kirchhoff. Playful, creative, and really cute... :) This totally reminds me of Marie Antoinette! Doesn't it? Loves...