Saturday, 19 January 2013

Review: Madewell velvet shirt...

Madewell asked me to review this shirt.

Well, Madwell Team, here it goes: Trying not to be biased, because obviously I like this shirt. I mean, I ordered it because not only is it velvet, it is also sexy in a very discrete manner as well as being trendy chic. 

In terms of its functionality, I can see how some people would have "issues" with the shirt. For starters it is completely see through on the lace parts, so if you move your arms to fix your hair, your bra WILL show.  I solved this problem by wearing a really cool bra(you can actually see mine peeking out). The other suggestion is to wear something like a nude coloured tank or tube top underneath (I say nude so you can still get the sexy skin effect).  

I found this to be a perfect shirt to wear with jeans, because it gave them a bit of a sexy-cool kick. Yesterday, I wore this outfit to a hockey game...

reading glasses- See, velvet shirt & patent bow belt - MadeWell,
cross-body bag - Vintage Givenchy,   boots - Banana Republic.

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