Thursday, 26 April 2012

Spring/Summer printed pants guide...

... and a mix and match lesson:

It has been a while since I decided that I would only buy pants that are fun.  We wear prints on our tops usually, and on our skirts. So why are so many people afraid of wearing prints on pants?

My very conservative friend said she would never wear printed pants and asked me "how would I wear that anyway?"

So, how does one wear printed pants? You could be very safe and keep it simple with a solid shirt and shoes, however, my rule for anything is to mix and match: 

1. Mix and match fabric textures. i.e. light and rough, summer and winter - if your pants are tweed, wear a silk blouse.

I like to take cues from the master mixer-matcher, Jenna Lyons, here in Sequined pants, and a Tshirt.

2. Mix and match different tones of the same hue. i.e. you can wear dark blue pants, and a light blue shirt.

I stole this from here.

3. Mix and match different sizes and colors of the same pattern. i.e. If your pants have big polka dots, wear small polka dots on your shirt, or wear them in inverted color.

4. My favorite: mix and match patterns. This one is tricky, but when mastered, it is the coolest. 

<3 Jenna Lyons <3 serious wardrobe envy...

These pants will look so much better once they have been hemmed, but I loved them so much I just had to wear them asap. I still loved the look in this disheveled manner.
I usually, do not like to match. Matching is, and forgive me if I sound opinionated- but its boring, and almost everyone can pull off  "the office look" of black pants, clean cut shirt and some classy pumps. 

So today, be bold :) Wear something that does not match (but does...), and have fun doing it. :)

Here are a few of my favorite pants for the season:





(These are the pants I am wearing in that last picture, with the tweed blazer.)

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