Friday, 5 October 2012

Ode to Magda...

Right before leaving I was getting more comfortable with the Blogger Boyfriend in doing "more daring" poses and it was actually quite fun to do... But then I had to go home, and I my photographer for the month was Nurse Magda (God bless her soul). 

These pictures are interesting for 2 reasons: 1. I couldn't really move, so I look more stiff than usual 2. I didn't want to burst Magda's artistic bubble (she was quite excited when I taught her how to use the Rebel) and she would stop me in the most awkward places and poses and tell me - in Spanish: "stop right there this looks wonderful" (and I thought it was the weirdest pose or place ever)... 

In this particular shoot I gave her all artistic freedom because she was truly on fire that day. Also, I felt real sheepish posing in front of her as I do not think she understood what my blog was (I wonder if she thought that I was just making her take pictures of me every day so I could sit there and stare at myself?!). Anyhow She's cute, and this shoot was all directed by Magda - certified nurse & fashion photographer... :p

American Eagle top, Urban outfitter Jeans, Madewell Skimmers, Casa de Oro dangly necklace :)

This was my "Virgin Suicides" pose.
Cue Magda: "STOP right there! Click, click, flash...." :)

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