Sunday, 7 October 2012

The distressed, hard leather chronicles...

On this particular morning I had somewhere to be.

I remember looking for my leather shorts EVERYWHERE to no avail. Panic struck me as my thoughts raced to  realize what could have most likely happened to my shorts - (as almost always does when I am down here for a visit): one of our helpers had surely washed them and hung them out to dry IN THE SUN - MY LEATHER SHORTS.
So I ran down to the laundry area to confirm my suspicions, and sure enough there they were, my laser cut shorts, hanging from a clothes line bleeding their color off. As much as I appreciate the help, I really felt like I could kill someone. Needless to say I cursed a lot - to myself - due to the fact that my shorts were now shrunken & made of hard leather.

So I did the only thing a normal 30 year old would do: I went and cried to my mother; not with the purpose of telling on the help, but because luckily my mom is like The Queen in the sense that she can do EVERYTHING - I mean it, everything. You know how Queen Elizabeth is like a mechanic and a nurse and a this and that? Well, my mom is very similar.

Anyway, falling nothing short of my expectations, she took out this leather cleaner and restored my shorts back to their old texture after which she followed to lower the hem so they wouldn't look like bootie shorts.

I mean, I realize the shorts are material and do not really matter. But if I could get them fixed why not? 

I honestly did not tell [her] anything about the shorts that morning, just that even though I greatly appreciated her help, I was kind of used to doing my own laundry (or taking things to the leather specialist for cleaning - hellooo!!). This was of no use however because as usually tends to happen instructions go in one ear and out the other: the next morning [she] had already compiled a new load of silk goods to damage - lol.  Luckliy I got there just in time to save my gems... 

Half heartedly smiling because my shorts were still wearable and because my photographer Magda told me to.

rescued shorts ** sigh**


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  1. Ana I LOVE your humor!! Lol! Can't wait for the next blog of tales All Things Pretty xoxo