Tuesday, 22 May 2012

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tune in Sundays @ 10:30 Eastern on HBO

My love affair with NYC has been ongoing for a while.  I always tell people that I feel like fate has been cock blocking my move to NY all my life. First, my parents and sister lived in Manhattan for 7 years before I was born. Now why did they not have me sooner, so I too could grow up in the city (not that I am complaining, because before I was 12, good fortune had me living  in Costa Rica, Brazil and Amsterdam... but still, nothing compares to the Empire State)?! Then, I got accepted to NYU Biology, but somehow ended up studying Finance in Montreal (LONG story for another post).
So lately, my obsession has become worst, and I LOVE anything NY related. And although my life in Montreal was pretty perfect, and the routine I am about describe was pretty much a regular Saturday, I can just picture my Saturday in NY: Wake up in Manhattan (preferably the Upper East Side, but Tribeca, Greenwich, Brooklyn or anything will do), go to Peak Performance, walk back to my super cool apartment the size of a match box, pick up some Starbucks along the way, wake up the blogger boyfriend, make him a "clean" breakfast, around 10ish we'd step out and go to the museum, grab a bite to eat at WichCraft, shop along the way to a broadway play probably later meet up with friends (in my delusional mind my best friend forever is Jenna Lyons) for a drink at Bagattelle (or whatever it is called these days), end up at some dingy live comedy show... etc, etc, etc... See the extent of my obsession? And this is just one in a million possibilities for one day I have planned out... Just imagine what my WEEK would be like?!!  


Wow, did I ever get off track... point being, it could be that I am a tad biased about this show because it is super New Yorky and all, but really, you must tune in. It is like "Sex and the City" except with younger girls that have no financial independence.

The writer and director, Lena Dunham, is this really cool chick who also stars in the show.

Here is next weeks preview.  I swear I just pissed my pants laughing (I am so jealous of these girls):

Dark Shadows

The only other thing I love as much as New York is vampires. And no, I am not a "nouveau vampire lover from the Twilight movement".  I liked vampires before they were "cool"  (my closest friends can attest to this). When I was in high school I read all the Ann Rice books twice as well as Dracula by Bram Stoker (which I recently read again and it is quite good by the way).
I was actually pretty pleased that Vampires became so main stream because I missed them so much. 
So of course, when I saw this I just had to go and check it out (and Tim Burton had me at Johnny Depp and Chloe Moretz). Mind you, this IS a Tim Burton film, so if you are not one to appreciate his insanity you will not like it...


Surely by now everyone noticed I am obsessed with this store. So I recommend you check it out and buy something out of the box so you can have fun wearing it :)

Here is my MadeWell outfit of the day:

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