Sunday, 6 May 2012

The perfect pair of shades & an outfit...

I had been really wanting to buy a new pair of sunnies recently, and there were 3 pairs I REALLY REALLY wanted.  The problem (as always), is that I have REALLY good taste (my humility is astonishing :p), and most of the pairs I wanted were REALLY expensive.

The First brand I have been lusting over for a while is Cutler and Gross. This super high end optical brand stems from London and has been creating beautiful eye-wear for 40 years.  From what I have seen (and liked) they range anywhere from $450 and up (but they are all SOOO cool). 

The pair I die for is this.

Obsession two is Selima Optique. Selima Salaun opened her trendy SOHO (NYC) store in 1993, and has since been making super trendy, super cool, super original and high end sunnies. I REALLY wanted a pair of cat eye glasses, and I specifically wanted this $350 pair.

Last but not least, I want a new pair of RayBans. Specifically these Black and gold "Clubmasters".  These are actually pretty affordable at about $130 (depends where you shop)...

Everything changed however when my idol, Jenna Lyons, pulled out one of her genius collaboration schemes and asked Selima Optique to collaborate with JCREW. This resulted in me getting these perfect Cat Eye shades in Bronzed Beige. I find that they are sort of a perfect mix of that Cutler and Gross plastic frame with the cool color and the timeless- chic cat eye shape. 

They were out of stock at every store and online and I actually waited 3 months to get these :D I still want the other three pairs.. but these will keep me REALLY happy for now. :) Oh and they were only $128. :)x2.

Jcrew silk shirt, H&M tweed shorts, Zara Platforms

Coach purse gift from my BFFE...

Zara platforms.


  1. awwww <3 you're using the purse! :)

  2. yay the comment worked!! wooow

  3. Your outfit with those shades are soooo cute! You made it all match perfectly. And I love the third pair of shades you showed off too

  4. I do enjoy your blog, but I have a petition to make. What happens with the fashion at home? There has to be fashion rules for that!
    I'm asking for a entry on house fashion and lingerie (photos are not mandatory).
    Looking forward to read you.