Monday, 21 May 2012

That Lingerie Post...

... I am a firm believer that a woman should look just as lovely underneath her clothes as she does in it.  It goes without saying that every girl (and every boy) LOVES sexy, classy lingerie.

As with "regular" clothes, lingerie also has very upscale and beautiful designs. In fact, lingerie designers are just like all other designers in that they do different collections by seasons (my favorites after the jump). 


Hosiery is an extremely important part of lingerie. I think it's also the coolest part, because it is the only actual piece of sexiness you can show off to all. I only like to wear hosiery to work, and buying expensive hosiery is actually one of my guilty pleasures (I like to think my work style is more Victoria Beckham and less Jenna Lyons)...

The most important tip I can give to wearing hosiery is that it should look like you are wearing it! The only person that can get away with skin colored tights is Kate Middleton (and that is only because she's Kate Middleton), and even then, I feel like someone should tell her to get in check and stop doing that!

Staples for me are black fishnets, fishnets with a dark seam, black hosiery with dark seam and sexy, chic but simple designs (like tiny polka dots or bow detail)...

Here are a few chic ideas for your Corporate America ensemble (** forgive my lack of accessories in this shoot. I must admit I was really lazy... I think this may the first time I actually got dressed for a photo shoot since I usually just shoot my weekend wear... It must be exhausting to be a model! I honestly hate trying clothes on**):

sexy, chic & simple designs

Polka Dotted tights by Gerbe
BananaRepublic Silk Dress, Express Belt

playful bows...

simple hosiery with black seem


BananaRepublic dress, Ninewest shoes.

Classic Fishnets

fishnets by Gerbe
United Colors of Benetton silk shirt and skirt... Steve Madden suede pumps

Now for the "real thing"...

My absolute most favorite brand ever is Agent Provocateur. Not only AP is like the Victoria's Secret of upscale lingerie, but it was also founded by Vivienne WestWoods son Joseph Corre. Although the pieces are absolutely delightful, they are also quite pricey: bras start at $130!

Agent Provocateur SS2012

Next in line, a little more conservative and quite classy is La Perla. La Perla has got to be the oldest and most well established Lingerie company out there. Hailing from Italy since 1954, this brand's name was inspired by the inside of a velvet jewelry box that was used to store pearls. Later, La Perla's original designs would also be stored in a similar jewelry box (La Perla means "The Pearl"). Almost nothing is under $100.

La Perla SS2012

Although not quite my style, my next favorite (for originality 
and its upscale market) has got to be Bordelle. I love it because it is the perfect combination of modern-chic femininity combined
with raw-delicacy. Bras start at £90 and knickers at £50...

Bordelle SS2012

And last but not least Carine Gilson, which albeit not something I would wear now,  this is something I will most definitely be wearing underneath my Chanel Suit when I am a mature older woman. Carine Gilson, is French and began designing upscale lingerie at the age of 23 in 1994. Nothing is under $250, not even a panty!

Carine Gilson SS2012

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