Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Arsenic & Old Lace...

I cannot even remember what day this was from, as I have practically lived in a hotel this past week...

J crew vintage cotton Tee, Madewell printed pants (wow those are quite wrinkled)

Casa de Oro Jewels. My sister gave me that ring AGES ago as a xmas gift, and my mom just brought me this super cool necklace.

I think these are from the other Honduran Jewelery store: Milla Guirst

For the artsy activity of the day,  my mother and I went to watch this play called "Arsenic & Old Lace". I know I say this about every play and every concert, but I swear this is the best script I have ever watched. For real this time.

Anyway if you find yourself in the Kingston area you can get some tickets here. 

The plot is HILARIOUS and the main actresses were so funnnny and good.  This is actually an old 1941 script that has even been adapted for a 1944 movie starring Carey Grant. The story unravels when Mortimer finds a corpse in his window seat and realizes his two beloved aunts are serial killers and that insanity runs in his family. The dark humour is superb. Ana give it two thumbs up!

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