Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My take on...

... the little black dress.

I have been wearing a Kabbalah red string for about 4 years now. I don't wear the string because I think Madonna is cool and I want to be like all Hollywood and because it's trendy. I wear it because it serves a purpose. The purpose of the red string is -to ward of the evil eye- , but its real purpose is to remind you not judge people and not speak bad things about anyone. So it's just a reminder basically, and a very important one at that.

I also think that you should never judge anyone on their actions or things you may find "inappropriate". This is a hard thing to do, but different personalities are what make the world go round. It would be really boring if we were all primp and proper and exactly the same. People are colorful and fun because of their "defects". Some of the craziest and most "inappropriate" people I know are also the coolest, because of their craziness. So today, don't judge. Embrace the difference, craziness and inappropriateness.

I was reading my "Daily Kabbalah Tune-Up", and I thought todays advise was quite appropriate...

"Wisdom comes to us clothed in illusion. If we want to be wise, then we must see into a situation. Just like we don’t judge a person only by what they’re wearing - or do we – we have to look at every little incident and ask why. Why did this good or bad thing happen? Why?

Sometimes we will not know what the reason is, but keep searching, because the clothes do not make the man. There’s always something underneath."  - Yehuda Berg

 Crochet Dress Zara, Shoes Zara, Clutch Banana Republic

Tiffany's <3 gift from my Grandma <3
Stunning earrings gift from my BFFE's parents.

You can't really tell, but whats is cute about this dress is the crochet detail on the sleeves and along the front - sides of the dress... Really cute..

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