Sunday, 3 June 2012

Royal Weekend...

I love Sunday night television :) The Game of Thrones finale was so good! Just when it annoys me so much that I want to stop watching, Khaleesi lures me back in! 
And "Girls", did anyone take my recommendations and start watching?! I actually love Adam as a boyfriend. He is so cheesy and cute even though he's so gross.. right? 

H&M hat, Zara blouse, Urban Outfitters Jeans

Ninewest sling-backs, Tiffany's bracelet 

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  1. Love, love Lena Dunham and her new show. Adam es un grossy weirdo pero me caga de la risa y es un adorable. Tu blog me ha inspirado a pararle bola a mi wardrobe un poco mas. Desde becoming "mama" I've been a bit more concerned with my two girls' cuteness as opposed to my own! No, I have not gotten to the point of wearing drabby clothes, but I certainly don't rock funky shoes and skirts like I once did. Thanks for keeping your blog short, simple, and fresh. I keep up with a handful of blogs and yours is so easy and inspiring. Mary (Agurcia-Fitzgerald)