Sunday, 22 July 2012

1 Pant 2 looks, a Playlist & a Recipe...

... My girl Gwen & her band No Doubt are back in business!! ...and so is Garbage, Alanis, Fiona Apple & The Killers!! So here is a challenge for you: Whoever writes me first and lets me know what song is totally vintage from this playlist gets a gift from me :) Just email me your response and your address :D

** Coolness!! Listen Now**


So I bought these awesome pants at Lucky Brand. I honestly wanted to wear them everywhere...
So here is a good example of how to recycle your pants...

** for a formal dinner party**
Banana Republic silk tee, Benetton Blazer, Casa de Oro Jewels

** casual Saturday afternoon**
(This looked soo much cooler when I took off this hat & put on my RayBans)... H&M hat,  Banana Republic Tee...

** Fitness Tip of the Day**

Ever since I started my "get hot" program, I have had to measure my food daily, & I have learned that it is so much easier to eat balanced meals & snacks throughout the day (i.e. be "zone") than to blow all your carbs at breakfast (i.e. have cereal or oatmeal) - or any other meal -  and have to eat protein and fat for the remainder of your day. 
I guess most people that are serious about fitness and health go through this transition, and throughout my journey I have had come up with a few "perfectly balanced" meals that have a perfect 33:33:33 (carbs:protein:fat) ratio... I mean it does get pretty boring to eat egg whites, olive oil an turkey breast all day right?!

Here is my latest creation:

** Perfectly Balanced Spicy Strawberry & GoatCheese Salad**

2 cups baby spinach
half a jalapeno pepper
1/4 a red bell pepper (or 2 oz)
4 large strawberries (or 3 oz)
20 grams of herbed goat cheese
4 ounces of lean chicken breast
4 TBS of raspberry salad dressing

**383 Calories**
** enjoy**

**NewCoolness Playlist**
1. Settle Down - No Doubt
2. Blow me (one last kiss) - P!nk
3. Blood for Poppies - Garbage
4. Titanium - David Guetta & Sia
5. Guardian - Alanis Morissette
6. Werewolf - Fiona Apple
7. Runaways - The Killers
8. Hold On When You Get Love & Let Go When You Give It - Stars
9. Charlie Don't Surf - The Clash
10. Anything We Want - Fiona Apple

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