Thursday, 12 July 2012

That fitness post part II...

This is an extremely personal post for me. By no means is it easy for me to post these pictures of myself up.  Mind you I am EXTREMELY insecure about my body even though I work so hard at it.  Like I mentioned in my previous fitness post, for me fitness is a way of life. I do not really like to talk about it, because I go off and never stop, I am really preachy, annoying, and I cannot stand people who have "fat people attitude" and make excuses for not looking their very best. Like I read on Whitney's Facebook page: "I do not have the time, is the grown up version of my dog ate my homework".

I have always been thin (except for when I gained the freshmen 700, but you can ask my best friend Anna,  I did something about that ASAP). Point is I have always been serious about this fitness business. Ever since I can remember I have exercised heavy and been an XS size 0 (at 5'2"). One thing I have learned is that being tiny does not equal being "hot" by any means.  

The reason for this post is mainly to create awareness, and to pass on what I have learned in recent months. Also, because if I hear "P90X will turn you into a man" or "Don't lift heavy because you will get bulky" one more time, I will kick you in the face. So this is my proof that you will not turn into a man by lifting heavy stuff, in fact "gasp!" you will actually look hotter and maybe even (if you are disciplined enough) achieve that body you see in the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.

 I really wanted to look "EXTREMELY HOT" and decided I should do some personal training because even though I am pretty knowledgeable about this stuff there is always someone who knows more than you do.  So I started training with my strength Coach Taylor Simon and he made me a program...

I told him my goal was to look "extremely hot, not manly, more like a bikini model and not compromise how far I have come in terms of lifting and conditioning". At first I thought he would roll his eyes at me because I was not athlete who asked him to make me jump higher or run faster,  I was surprised when he said EVERYONE wants to look hot and that my goal was a good one.  So with that being said he took my pictures and told me what to do:  1) Eat 400 calories more than I was currently eating - of clean food (for a total of 1600 calories of day) and mail him my food diary daily, 2) measure my intakes to 33%protein, 33%carbs, 33% fat 3. LIFT HEAVY (my program was mainly olympic lifting with a bit of cardio & I will not lie, I was skeptical). 

After 6 weeks, of trying hard not to cheat (I learned how to incorporate my wine in my diet instead if chugging the bottle because I was working so hard I did not want to throw away my effort) and hitting the gym 4-6 times a week ( I really did, and still do...) this is what the results were:

1. I did not turn into a man (my thighs are looking a bit bulky, but I used to do gymnastics and this has always been an issue,  I will have to work around this somehow). As Taylor says, we are just getting started...

2. I lost a few inches! Having a 26 inch waist, it pretty hard to lose anything at this point, but I did, and I did it in a healthy way and I do not look anorexic.

3. I gained weight! Notice, how I am leaner, yet weigh more... 

4. I have gotten SOO strong... for about 6 reps I can deadlift and squat 145 pounds (in reality a bit more - when Taylor is watching over me and nagging I have no choice). 

5. I have a hard time eating so much! Who knew, eat more, get thinner!

So what is the morale of the story? Lifting heavy will make you hotter! Weighing less does not mean you are thinner! Eating more of the right thing will actually help you get leaner...

The proof is in the pudding:

6 weeks program:

Picture 1:  my hips got smaller, my abs look more defined
Picture 2: my abs got "tighter" and slimmer, my butt was "lifted" (this is from all the squats and dead-lifts)
Picture 3: my butt is "bigger" - in a good way and my back is defined, also notice my waist, it diminished and tightened.

** Once again, this was all achieved by lifting weights "like a man"...

** It is not easy to achieve fitness goals, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work. You body builders out there, I commend you. Now more than ever I KNOW how hard you work (even though I do just a fraction of what you do)!

     @108 pounds                       @114 pounds                                                                         

If you live in the Kingston area, you are at a real advantage.  People THIS GOOD are not to be found all over the place.  Take advantage of their knowledge and enthusiasm and click here.


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  2. Thanks for the positive shout out crossfit Kingston - always nice when the fitness community works together.

    Ana - wicked awesome job - very proud of all you have accomplished!!! I think it is awesome and can't wait to see what is yet to come!!!


  3. Thank you Coach! You are the best at what you do!!

  4. Oly lifting fan16 July 2012 at 17:43

    Unfortunately I have no ties to crossfit Kingston, I use to be a member there but have since moved.