Friday, 6 July 2012

A lot of inspiration...

8 tracks annoys me because it won't let me put two songs by the same artist on one list. So I promise to make you an awesome list in a few weeks when I discover more songs :D

This has been a fantastic week in terms of music for me because even though I was anxiously waiting for these albums, life happened and I forgot about them. The cool thing is I got them all at once and have been listening to them for the past 2 days.  I am stuck in the late 1990's in terms of music. It was just cool & the angry-kick ass women made my day. The only cool chick that can compare these days is Florence (if you don't know which Florence, then dude... you suck).

So here they are, this is what you need to purchase. 


I have been trying to embed the video of "Blood for Poppies" from this album since yesterday. I hate youtube because it makes my life hard like this. I listened to this song at least 99 times since I got it, so check it out :)Shirley Manson. I love you.



This single is SUPER Alanisy! It's really cute, but mind you her entire album comes out sometime in August...

** this is my version of Chanel + Marie Antoinette **

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