Monday, 19 March 2012

Happy Father's Day...

It's Fathers Day in Honduras so I would like to dedicate this post to my father.

I know everyone thinks they have the best dad in the world, the thing is, I REALLY do.

Not only is my father amazing because of the beautiful career he has had, and the cool things he has done (which include settling a maritime border between Cuba and Honduras - one amongst a plethora of amazing achievements), but because when it comes to the things in life that matter the most, he is the most exemplary role model.

I know my sister and I were lucky children with a perfect family. I never in my life heard my parents argue.  Ever.  About anything.  I do attribute this to my father and his sanctity because my mother does have quite a fiery personality.

My father is the epitome of integrity and honesty. In a country where most people who work for the government are extremely corrupt and have done at least some dirty move here and there, my father never benefited from it. He did everything out of sheer passion and with utmost integrity. 

Although I really admire both my parents, when it comes to the growth of my soul,  my father would be my greatest role model. I am trying to mold myself after a person who I never heard express a single bad thought about anyone. Who has forgiven those who have played him dirty, and truly never held a grudge. Who always sees the good in people even if to the average person there is nothing good to see. A person who never raised his voice at my mother, sister or myself. A man who I know has helped people build their future and have a better life. It is incredibly hard to be this good. I wonder every day of my life if my father has judgmental thoughts in his head and if all of this is just amazing self control. That would be more human, because his goodness and righteousness are beyond...

My father is so incredibly clean cut, well mannered, and does not speak unless he absolutely needs to. He has never left his room unless he is wearing a suit and tie (and those Bally shoes I mentioned previously). One time he tried to be really fashion forward and bought a pair of Oscar de la Renta cargo pants. 

Even though the disciplinarian in my household has always been my mother, one time my dad caught me kissing my then boyfriend in our living room.  He gave me the most disapproving look and shook his head in a manner that was worst than anything my mother could have ever done to punish me. That was the only time I did anything that deserved getting "scolded" by my father..

You truly are a role model daddy. You don't drink, you don't smoke, you are successful and brilliant at what you do, yet you are SO HUMBLE, and on top of all this I have never heard you curse.  It is amazing my sister and I managed to settle down when our significant others have such big shoes to fill.

Happy Father's Day :)

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