Monday, 27 February 2012

Amazing Grace...

Grace Coddington
American Vogues Creative Director

I admit it, I did not know who Grace Coddington was until I watched "The September Issue" (which has been at least 19 times). Anyway, if you did watch "The September Issue" I am sure you too fell in love with her and as me, know that Grace is the beauty behind American Vogue. It should also be noted that American Vogue is the least artistic of all Vogues. It has too many ads, and celebrities, and is not so much about "the fashion" as is Vogue Paris or Vogue Nippon. Without Grace's spreads Anna Wintour would have a really boring magazine to edit. Is it extreme to say these spreads are the only good thing about the American Vogue? At least it is fair to say they are the BEST thing...

left: Grace Coddington, right: Anna Wintour

Spreads by Grace... Fashion IS art...

“You must keep your eyes open…  Everything you see is a source of inspiration."

- Grace Coddington

Grace used to be a model and "graced" the cover of Vogue herself on more than one occasion:

She modeled from the age of 17 to 26 at which time she lost her eye lid in a car accident.

After her accident, she worked as a photo editor for Vogue U.K. for 19 years. She then moved to U.S. and worked for Calvin Klein until 1988 when she joined Anna Wintour.

<3 GRACE <3

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