Monday, 27 February 2012

Lola Leon knows best...

"I wore a pair of jeans once, and they weren't as skinny as I usually wear them, and she was like, 'Oh my God, Dad, those pants are ugly.  Please change your pants.' " 
"They were too bootcut, so I changed."

- Carlos Leon

I have met so many boys who are terrified of wearing skinny/tapered jeans.  I don't get it, in my opinion tapered is almost always better. Whether you are wearing a leather jacket and combat boots, or the Russell Brand look with the skinnys and the booties with a heal, or the Pete Wentz look of skinnys and a cool pair of kicks or even a more formal look with a blazer, the tapered leg most often than not looks more put together and definitely cooler...

Even our male fashionista Salva told me the other day he was only recently convinced to buy a tapered pair of jeans (I found that quite shocking!)...I was pretty sure I had spotted Salva wearing some rocker outfit with skinny jeans a while back... 

Here are some cool dudes in different styles that look awesome with a tapered leg:

Carlos Leon
Even Lola knows this, and she's only 15.

Russel Brand
I love his "skin tight jeans"

Some Model Dude
This is a creative outfit and the jeans look great.

The Blogger boyfriend is extremely classic. He was the last person I thought I could convince to buy a pair of tapered jeans (he was also the last person I thought would pose for this blog). I decided to a do a little project with his regular jeans, and the jeans I forced him to buy in December... You be the judge of what looks best:

Look #1: Not a tapered leg...

Look #2: Tapered leg 
so much hotter with a tapered leg!

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  1. Word.
    If you aren't wearing skinny or tapered then you are wearing what I like to call...wait in dread... "Dad Jeans".
    And at this precise moment in fashion history there is absolutely no reason any man under 40 should be wearing "Dad Jeans".