Sunday, 12 February 2012

Blogger Issues...

I am back from the beach with a heavy heart! I love Roatan, and I love seeing my friends and coming back to reality and the cold weather is not cool! I will post on the aftermath tomorrow as I need to download all the pictures...

By now I am sure everyone noticed I had my first "blogger issues" (which I have now fixed!).  

My BohoBeach post got partially deleted. I had to rewrite it from the sales office of a hotel with a computer that had an ancient operating system. It was the slowest thing on the face of the earth (technology IS wonderful). The HTML for my playlist had not copied correctly, but I have fixed it (and centered it-- which I was not able to do on the TREX computer) - so go listen to my playlist while you read this! 

I also didn't have all my pictures on this iPad (I have added these in so there are now "new/old" pictures on the BohoBeach post). I also FINALY centered my last two posts... 

Here are the details of my outfits in the BeachStyle post:

vintage Dior Scarf, RayBan gold mirrored glasses, H&M ring
Sam Edelman Sandals, BRMonogram shirt, turquoise earrings and ring from Casa de Oro

I REALLY hated posting when I wasn't 100% satisfied, but I hated not posting at all more. I also realize this iPad is making me  lazy and that I need to start using my camera for pictures instead... Is there a Canon with Bluetooth out there?!

WestEnd, Roatan <3

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