Thursday, 2 February 2012

JASON WU FOR TARGET: sneakpeak....

So unless you have been living under a cave, you are aware that the fabulous Jason Wu is collaborating with Target and that the line is coming out on February 5th. For those of you who are not familiar with Jason Wu, let's just say his collections can be compared to those old school U2 albums in which ALL the songs are good...You will see what I mean when you take a look at the sneak peak below... I initially thought I would pick 3 or 4 pieces that I thought would be NECESSARY to post... The problem is, it is impossible to pick 3 or 4... There was nothing I saw, I did not think was the most stunning thing ever...

Unfortunately, I will be on a beach in Honduras at said time, and to make matters worse, Target does not ship to Canada. Fortunately I have a lot of friends in the U.S. of A...

Feast your eyes at some very affordable must haves for your spring 2012:

Don't you absolutely NEED all of those skirts, and that bow tie? I know I do...

I also encourage you to go into and check out his 2012 collections... They are so girly, and elegant, and perfect... Here are some of the outfits, although once again, there was nothing that was not the most beautiful thing ever. This collection is just STUNNING:

Perfection. Period.

leather shorts: check, amazingly cook knit jacket: check, cat eye sunglasses: check... How effing cool is this outfit?!


Once again... I can see myself strutting in this!!!

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  1. Dude, the first outfit is my fave!!! I have a new found love for heels with ankle socks. Don't even get me started with the white shirt & bow. The whole thing is such a classic timeless ensemble... and the Frida Kahlo braids, I've always wanted to rock them but feel like a dork when I do. This inspired me to give it one more try this weekend :)