Saturday, 18 February 2012

An outfit, a movie, a book and a playlist....


**push play for some love**

                                                                            BohoSweet from BohoLove on 8tracks.

**this was yesterdays outfit**

Jacket & Skirt: Benetton, Tee: Madewell, Shoes: Guess, Purse: Vintage Givenchy (from my mothers closet)

Ring: Banana Republic, Necklace: Casa de Oro

02/19 favorites for London Fashion week

Vivienne Westwood
Red Label

Because she's crazy and I love her. Also because she hosted that documentary "Vivienne Westwood's London" (in which she bikes around London and shows you the coolest museums, theaters, shops, markets, etc.. While she does this she tells you why you should go to the theater and be in tune with art and how if you don't do these things you are not aware of how people live), which made me love her even more... Also because she is the Godmother of Punk...

Paul Smith 

Because I want to wear all of these outfits exactly as they are... and because I wish he would decorate my house so it would look like one of his stores...

**some unnecessary recommendations**

I started reading the "trashy" book I bought for the beach... My face hurts from laughing...  

I rented this movie because it looked quirky and funny... and I was bang on... 


1. At Last - Etta James
2. Love Will Take You - Angus and Julia Stone
3. Sea of Love - Cat Power
4. Let's Stay Together - Al Green
5. Free - Graffiti6
6. Fresh Feeling - Eels
7. I'm Confessin' (that I love you) - Louis Armstrong
8. I Got You Babe - cover by Etta James 
9.LoveFool - cover by Kat Edmonson

**This list is for my Piojis <3**


  1. Nice entry, Ana Lucia.
    I especially enjoy a few things here: #1-your reminder that Vivienne Westwood is indeed the Godmother of Punk Rock. Awesome! With her seminal shop-- "SEX"-- in mid-70's London, she forever changed the face (and snarl) of rock n' roll when a young Anglo-Irish hooligan named John Lydon sang along to a Bowie song, was overheard by Malcolm McLaren, and BANG! the second boy band was born (the 1st=The Monkees)
    #2- Love Paul Smith! He does have the coolest stores ever and his decor is as cool as his couture. He also makes really good socks. And the first bottle of cologne I got was Paul Smith, and even though I switched after that to Armani "Mania", and then on to Armani "Black Code" as it was known then-- did you know, btw, that the bottle was modelled after Denzel Washington's silhouette in black tie at the Oscars?-- now they've just changed the name to "Code." #3- Etta James. Nice. Did you see that film that came out a few years ago about that record company that produced Etta James and Chuck Berry and Howlin' Wolf etc etc and it had Jeffrey Wright (one of my fave actors) and Mos Def-- "Cadillac Records"-- that's what it was called-- anyway Beyonce played Etta james, yea, and she was pretty terrible, coz she was playing a junkie and she was just awful. But anyway then she sang "At Last" for Obama at some event and Etta James went nuts and talked shit about her in the media and why do I care about all that and stuff? I don't know, I'm just blabbing I guess, because I wish I was Actually talking to you. But are you surprised that I know all that stuff about fashion? Anyway send me something else, more. I thought maybe the blog entry would have something specific to do with me since you addressed it to me on my Facebook but alas, so next time send me something that's about ME. ME ME ME! No but really, I like your blog and you should get the new KITSUNE PARISIEN:II album because it's amazing ELECTRO-SYNTHFUNK a la 1980's discoteque pret a porter and you should get it and listen to it all the time and dance and go to Paris.

  2. I have been thoroughly enjoying this chillin playlist whilst I work. Kudos.