Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Sandwich for Jennie...

A friend asked me today what I thought about Sandwich (this is a link).  I am truly honored that someone actually cares enough to ask my opinion on anything fashion related. I promised I would analyze the collection and get back to her.

First of all let me say that I embrace all fashion styles.  Your clothes are an extension of your personality and I usually tend to gravitate toward very colorful personalities. Personalities that I find more interesting than myself (my best of friends are all artists and writers). Based on these same premises, I always love to see someone dressing grungy, or punk, or anything that is not like me for that matter.  In my opinion the more forward you are the better, and some of my favorite fashion inspirations are vintage Tavi Gevinson, Arabelle Sicardi(both fashion bloggers), or any harajuku girl. 

I feel the same way about designers. The ones that blow me away the most are the ones that are able to create the most different pieces.  I also believe the world sees it this way too (i.e. there is a reason why the some designers have made it "big"). For example:

 Rei Kawabuko for Comme de Garcons


   Georgina Chapman for Marchesa

That being said, though I did not find Sandwich's collection to be as creative as Comme de Garcons or Marchesa, I cannot say it is either "good" or "bad".  Sandwich's designs are an extension of its designer Henriëtte Daniels, and therefore it is beautiful in its own right. Designing is an art, and there is something for everyone.

Looking at it sort of reminded me of MEXX which is also a brand from the Netherlands. They do have some cute pieces and I am sure you can come up with some interesting outfits if you mix and match them. The only criticism I do have is that they could use a better name. No one wants to wear a Sandwich?! :p

Let me just reiterate that I am by no means a fashion a expert, nor claim to be. This is just my hobby and my humble opinion. 

Stay Fashionable... XOXO

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