Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Shorts to keep you looking HOT in the cold...

I am a big fan of shorts.  Try different textures in the winter to keep you looking chic.  Some of my favorite winter fabrics for shorts are lace, crochet, velvet, suede, sequined and of course the "awesomest" of all: Leather... Here are some example of cool shorts that I wish I could get my paws on... as well as some pictures of model Lottie Moss and Nicole Richie showing us how fierce shorts can look... and then there is a picture of me in my favorite pair (those of you who saw me over the holidays can attest that these were almost glued on to my legs)...
Sequined shorts:
Ribbon stripe shorts:

Nicole Richie in her own design: Winter Kate **Can someone send these my way?! Pretty pretty please!!

Laser cut Suede Shorts:

Christian Dior shorts
Christian Dior shorts (clipped to **behold the power of designer COOLNESS

                       Not sure who Lottie is wearing here, but this IS how you should rock some winter shorts!
I stole these pictures from

Not a great idea to put myself right beneath Lottie. :p 

Tunic: Zara, Shorts: Laser-cut leather by Madewell, ankle-boots: Banana Republic 

I actually changed the buttons on this Tunic and put some bigger ones on...

shorts detail

tunic sleeve detail

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