Wednesday, 22 February 2012

That Mother Chucker... and his bow tie...

...Featuring Salva & Giuls :)

I have been getting quite a few requests to do some men-style posts...I had the idea of getting some male friends to assist me since these clothes would look better on them :p Hopefully this can turn into a regular segment of my blog and Salva & Giuls can show us their fashionable take on something I am posting about...

This post is on the bow tie... and how to rock it.

A bow tie is not only something you can wear with a tux. You can look casually elegant and fashionable at any occasion just like Chuck Bass:

One important thing we can learn from Chuck is to mismatch. As with female fashion and interior design, the key to looking perfectly in sync is to not match at all. You will never be able to achieve "that sophisticated" look with anything that looks too "matchy, matchy". My advise is to start by mixing different fabrics first (velvet looks good everywhere), then you can upgrade to trying  different tones of the same hue, and if you're feeling really proactive you can mix different patterns. Once you have mastered all three you can mix colors, fabrics and patterns. Trust on me this. It looks great.

With the bow tie in mind I picked Giuls because his wardrobe is Chucks reincarnated (if that makes any sense at all). I have seen Giuls wearing a bow tie to the office, to day events, to night events, and he always mixes and matches perfectly.  His style is a little more defined, as he dresses pretty casual-chic and always sophisticated.

I chose Salva because he has extremely good taste and I saw a picture of him rocking a bow tie (for a day event I recon) and he looked fabulous. Salva I believe, is a little more versatile in his style. I think we might be able to get some grungy outfits from him as well. I have asked him to send me pics of whenever he feels he did a good a job at putting something together. So stay tuned...

I had originally asked both boys to send me pictures of an outfit they put together specifically for this post.  However, I  decided to put pictures of Giuls I already had because this is him being him. These are pictures I took of him at two different events (a day one and a night one). We will ask him to pose on another occasion...

Giuls here, is wearing a purple polka dot bowtie, with a white and blue plaid shirt, a navy blue vneck vest and a black jacket.  VERY mismtachy,
however this could not blend together any better.. looks GREAT.

Velvet Bow Tie! So cute Giuls... Navy Blue Velvet bow tie, Light blue shirt, tanned v neck sweater and a jacket with what appears to be a little Burberry pocket square... Also, take note, he is rocking this with jeans! He probably just threw this on in the most effortless of ways too.. :)
I asked Salva to give me his take on the bow tie...Is that ever a question I do not regret asking (SWOON):

Jesus H boy... this is perfection. This is the mismatch effect mastered... textures, colors and patterns! SO HOTT!

Thank you Salva and Giuls for letting me post your pictures and for having such fabulous taste and a wardrobe that you can share on here with me :) We look forward to seeing more of what you got!


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  1. I must agree this looks quite fabulous indeed. I have yet to dwell in the deep arts of the bowtie. But I will carpe the opportunity as soon as it presents itself.