Friday, 17 February 2012

Fashion IS art...

The first designer to get his collection displayed in a museum was Yves Saint Laurent  (YSL is credited with "inventing" the pant suit for women FYI...). I went to watch this exhibition about 7 times (if you came to visit me while this was being displayed, you know I took you)...

Two months ago I was in NYC at the MOMA viewing an exposition by De Kooning and another by Diego Rivera (Frieda Khalo's husband).

All three, YSL, De Kooning and Rivera were wonderful expositions.

Assisting a fashion show is pretty much that, you are at an exposition, and the "big" designers are the "Monets" and "Picassos" of fashion if you will. Usually you can count on the "big" names (Chanel, Christian Dior, Comme de Gracons, etc) that have been around for a while to show you some fascinating pieces of art. Of course there are up and coming designers that have really good and creative collections, and the big names are not always fabulous (in my opinion, this season, Louis Vuitton's show was more exciting than the clothes itself).

Tomorrows favorite, for London Fashion week, include: Temperly London, John Rocha and Moschino. 

Temperly London

John Rocha 
(tomorrows favorite)

 Moschino is actually showing their "Cheap and Chic" collection (which is pretty cute). I am sure Rossella Jardini will probably show this at Paris Fashion week, but  I liked it so much, I just had to blog about it now. Clearly inspired by Spanish Culture, Matadors, and the wild, wild west:

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