Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Haute Couture, according to me...

So Fashion Week season has begun (you know, begins in NY in February ends in Paris in April), and in its honor I have decided to do a post on high fasion*haute couture.

This is my definition of Haute couture:

For example, I come from a city where mostly people dress really nice and chic but have no serious fashion sense (this is not an insult people, simmer down). In this city, people are mostly well dressed, however, very safe (sort of like in the "Stepford Wives" but not exactly). This specific "City T" for example, has what I like to call the "The City T" male uniform. This consists of blue jeans (straight leg and boot cut preferably. God forbid anything like a skinny leg), a long sleeve dress shirt (preferably plaid), and matching black belt and shoes (usually everyone wears the same belt too, whatever is in style at the moment). I am HIGHLY generalizing here but I kid you not, this is a true story. The women mostly look like this:

I think the belt in style at the moment is this:

Then I moved to Montreal where you see all styles of fashion on a daily basis. Styles of fashion include grunge, boho, punk - to name a few (will not get into detail as this is "deep" material for another post)...



Haute-couture in my opinion, is a perfect unique mix of all these various elements and styles. And you really cannot categorize a high fashionista into any of these styles (grunge, boho, etc...), they are simply just HIGH FASHION. These pure fashion geniuses are a designers playground- to say the least... Here are a just a few of my favorite High Fashionistas (ones I could never emulate because I was not born with the "high fashion" gene). Yet I acknowledge that they are pure genius!

Gwen Stefani
In her own design
In her own design: L.A.M.B.


Arabelle Sicardi
(celebrity in the blogosphere and my personal favorite fashion blogger)

I am not sure where you got these Arabelle, but you look amazing :)

Jesus H!! She's wearing a harness :)

Karl Lagerfeld

In his own design...

Lady Gaga
(The Queen of high fashion)
in Chanel, designed by Uncle Karl above.. SEE, he must have had a ball making this little number...

In Alexander McQueen... Seriously? Genius.


  1. 1.- You forgot to mention MUGATU j/k
    2.- Being a suffering soul inhabiting "City T" I can safely back you up on that. Although males now prefer shirts with blue and white vertical stripes increasing or decreasing in line thickness. They all dress the same and Tom Ford forbid they would dare wear a suit, jacket or tie anywhere, they are or most likely pretend to be hot shot business men, yet refuse to dress the part. Instead opting to dress according to Mexican telenovela hunk fashion sense. Its a nightmare...

  2. That's not what grunge/punk is at all! Also, Arabelle is amazing. She's my favorite blogger, and she inspired my decision to buy a collar harness.