Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Aftermath...

Overall I would say this was a very "complete" trip as it had a little bit of everything. 

We snorkeled, we kayaked, we zipped down a canopy line (that started on the mountain and ended on the beach), we swam with dolphins and giant turtles, we tanned and danced, we ate a lot of seafood, we sang karaoke, I  worked-out, we had hilarious moments, and quiet moments, some VERY dramatic moments (don't you love those?), even sad moments (trust me, it is VERY sad when someone steals your microphone and kicks your beer during the final moments of your rendition of "Rolling in the Deep" ... So sad you must cry about it all night and think up various ways to " kill that beeeeeep" - and no, this crazy person was not me, and shall remain anonymous). 


My "awesome beach dresser of the week" award goes to "El Ganado". Here are a couple of my favorite outfits:

"El Ganado" clearly worked her magic on this one...JumpSuit: HannaBanana, Belt:Vintage (from her grandmas closet.. LOVES <3)
Love the shorts and the shoes :)Boatneck shirt: Zara, Shorts:Sfera, Shoes: Zara

***let me just mention that "El Ganado" does not only have good fashion sense, she is also a very talented photographer and graphic designer and you can contact her here: http://mafafa.carbonmade.com/

My BFFE told me that I should blog about this beach because I had said I was going to write about all things pretty and not just clothes. This beach is REALLY PRETTY and we actually spent a whole day here. This WAS the nicest beach we were at. It was secluded, and beautiful: CAMP BAY ADVENTURE LODGE

Photos of Camp Bay Beach Adventure Lodge, Roatan

Photos of Camp Bay Beach Adventure Lodge, Roatan

Photos of Camp Bay Beach Adventure Lodge, Roatan

** These photo of Camp Bay Beach Adventure Lodge is courtesy of TripAdvisor


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